3 Other Uses of Sperm Besides Making Babies?!

sperm-34808_640Everybody knows the main role that sperm plays in people’s lives – it creates children. The truth is that many of us are missing out on a lemon pie by only making lemonade with the lemons that life gives us. Here are 3 of the top benefits that come with the swallowing of sperm that might make you want to fulfill one of your man’s biggest sexual desires tonight! Yes, you read that right!

Swallowing sperm can actually be very good for you. It holds a very favorable and exceptional nutrition value within itself and one of its many positive ingredients is vitamin C. We have all heard of it but not everybody knows about all the great effects that it can have on your body. The vitamin does not only strengthen your immune system but it can also prevent you from getting diseases like cancer, heart attack, diabetes and asthma. The sperm ingredient also deals with problems like bleeding gums, dandruff, splitting hair ends and even skin aging. Are you struggling with high blood pressure? Vitamin C helps with that as well.

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Another great vitamin that can be found in a man’s sperm is B12. Many people take pills in order to provide their bodies with the vitamin since not everybody’s diet includes enough of it. B12 can be found in high-end foods like salmon and shellfish but you can get your fair share of it tonight, for free! It works as a natural anti-depressant by interacting with the nerve cells of the human body and improves their well-being. The vitamin is not only beneficial to the mental health but it is also favorable for the physical one. It can be of great use when it comes to digesting food better, heart problems and it might even help you get better sleep at night so that your body has more energy during the day. The third top ingredient that can be found in the magic fluid is… you guessed it right – protein! Our body requires protein. It helps with important stuff like recovering tissues and building new ones. Our hair and nails are basically protein, so you need it in order to maintain their good appearance. If you want to lose weight, protein can help by reducing one’s hunger significantly and helps burn fat faster. It also reduces the risks of diseases like osteoporosis, helps with recovery from serious injuries, lowers high blood pressure and induces better brain function.

These are only a few of the great benefits and advantages that swallowing cum can have on your body. It includes many other elements like zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and they are all present in healthy amounts. So if you want to save up on expensive goods like vitamins, beauty care products, anti-aging creams or anti-depressant pills – sperm is the natural and free alternative. Another great plus is that the human body absorbs sperm very quickly and the great effects can be noticed almost immediately. The next time you are having fun with your man in bed, think twice if satisfying his desires wouldn’t mean satisfying yours as well!

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