Does the Size of Your Guy’s Manhood Matter?

cinnamon-stick-514243_640This question has been asked so many times for so many years and yet there’s still no definitive answer to it. For some it does, for some it doesn’t, while others would say “it depends”, and would direct her answer to another topic. What is it about the size that we have to consider it a vital part of our relationship? Will this define the relationship?

Bigger ones looked Ridiculous in Ancient Greece

If a guy has an enormous thing down there, they were made fun of. They believed that a bigger pair of balls is what makes a man a man because the bigger balls you have, they believe you are more potent and will be more productive. That little thing hanging is merely a syringe used to inject the sperm to a woman’s womb.

When humanity gave birth to porn, things went differently. Just because a bigger one looks good on camera, people now have an impression that the bigger it is, the better. But is it really?

Romantic Relationships

When a guy invites a girl to dinner, she doesn’t ask or check if that thing right there is big (well for some yes) or not. First impressions are usually depending on what a girl looks for in a guy, and depends on how she wants the relationship to go. Most of the time, a girl would want a guy who will take care of her and will respect here opinions, someone she can call a companion, a best friend. After that is established and if she thinks this guy can be really trusted, then she may get intimate with the guy. When you feel that urge, that wonderful feeling of being one with your partner, whatever they have to offer does not matter at all. It doesn’t matter what the size is, what matters is that you are both enjoying that special moment together. That intimacy is what makes you both satisfied and happy, among many other things.

Physical Attraction Versus Relationship-Set

A bigger manhood mostly arouses chicks just because they can gain popularity, or because of peer pressure, or for self-satisfaction – like a trophy boyfriend. But is it really satisfying? Will doing this eventually answer this long time question of what truly defines a relationship? What separates physical attraction from a long term relationship goal is simple – not looking at the physical side of a person to meet your standards. Not everything tangible is what makes you or a relationship. It is most of the time what we do not see, and that would be the character of that person you are dating. Character goes a really long way, especially if you both compliment each other. Finding the person who understand you and who is willing to compromise takes time but is possible, and it does not always involve having a bigger physique down there.

So, Does Size Matter?

In a relationship, no it doesn’t. A great relationship is more than the intimacy you share in bed. It is you both working it out to grow stronger and more loving of each other. Cheesy? Just wait until you find your special one.

3 Ways to Increase Your Ejaculate

Every man wants to ejaculate like a porn star. A larger semen volume can make you enjoy intense and powerful orgasms. Not only this, but it is also considered to be good regarding fertility. The semen you produce is like a measure of your manhood, and most women consider the larger volume of thicker semen as a symbol of your male sexual power and virility.

It is needless to say that most women prefer to be with stronger men. Hence, if you dribble out just a few drops of semen every time you ejaculate, there is something you need about it so you can ask Jack how he was able to boost his ejaculate by 300%.

3 Simple Methods to Increase Ejaculation

  1. Foods that increase ejaculation volume: Certain foods can be highly effective in increasing your semen volume specially those that are rich in zinc. Oysters are rich in zinc and so is animal protein such as lamb, beef, etc. Other sources where zinc can be found include poultry, fish, and beef. Not only this, foods that are rich in essential fats are also great for boosting semen production: olive oil and flaxseed.
    2. Increasing the amount of ejaculate using PC exercises. PC muscles are the ones that control the flow of both urine and semen. Good blood circulation is one of the most important factors that can help boost your semen volume. By making PC muscles stronger, you can not only increase blood flow but also ensure an increase in the volume of your ejaculate. Another advantage is that it will make you last much longer in bed and will also increase the force with which you ejaculate. Exercises called Kegels are highly effective in increasing the strength of your PC muscles.
    3. Herbal Semen Enhancers: These natural herbal supplements are one of the best options to increase the volume of your ejaculate. These semen enhancers are a rich blend of various herbs and other ingredients such as zinc gluconate, zinc aspartate, l-arginine, l-glycine, l-carnitine, pomegranate 70% collagen etc, and can help you produce up to 500% more semen within a few months time.

As you can see, there are various ways on which you can develop a stronger sack and make them produce a lot more ejaculate that you ever though possible. Another important method to increase the amount of semen you produce is by keeping the temperatures of your balls in a mid range temperature. If it is too high, then you will not produce too much sperm so a good advice is to keep your underwear very comfortable and breezy.

The Ultimate Guide to Suck a Girl’s Clit Like a Champ

Most people all over the world and especially men will tell you that they don’t like getting down and giving their girl’s clit a suck. One thing they don’t know is how their partners die to have that moment. Being a champ is not an easy task. It takes more practice and self believe to be a champ. I consider a perfect clit suck as an art or a gift you have to build on. Always remember that it all goes down to giving pleasure.

The clit is definitely the home of the pleasure in a woman. It is made in such a way that it swells and becomes erect. The way you handle it will greatly determine how often you are going to have it. But before you get your tongue rolling inside her you have to make your way there. It is important that you begin by appreciating the beauty of the girl. Remember that it all start in the mind. Let her know that how much you are craving to have a piece of her clit for yourself. In short make her aware of sucking her clit and keep your focus on giving her the pleasure she desires.

After making your intentions known, you can start off with her body by gently kissing her lips, neck area and give a slight touch on her breast and nipples too. Focus more on the pelvic, belly and the pubic bone as they are the vital areas of stimulation. You can use your fingers to arouse her more. By this time she is already wet and might want you in. You should get your composure and instead go into kissing her lower belly and pubic bone. Give her some soft bites and kisses on her thighs going up to the vagina. Be gentle because this area is highly sensitive. She is all soaked up by now and eagerly waiting for your next move.

You can now choose to lick the whole vagina with a flat tongue from the bottom going up to her clit. While making your return back to the bottom of the vagina, touch on her inner and outer libia using the tip of your tongue. Keep spreading her labia with your hands and kissing the outer lips too. If you choose use the tongue penetration technique, you have to do it as you do with the penis. Move the tongue as it was the penis. The other way will require you to pull her clit hood away using your finger, get the mouth to the clit and begin flicking it with the tongue. Make movements by flicking the clit up, down, sideways and in circles. The experience is intense and you should not try to stop it as she will be getting to her orgasm anytime now. You can tell by her trembling and hard breaths. Coordinate well with her movements and keep working on her clit hood and lips at the same time.

With this piece of information, you can now have a great experience. It is always good that it starts in your mind and you do it with your whole heart. Try it and see that she will keep coming back for more.