Does the Size of Your Guy’s Manhood Matter?

cinnamon-stick-514243_640This question has been asked so many times for so many years and yet there’s still no definitive answer to it. For some it does, for some it doesn’t, while others would say “it depends”, and would direct her answer to another topic. What is it about the size that we have to consider it a vital part of our relationship? Will this define the relationship?

Bigger ones looked Ridiculous in Ancient Greece

If a guy has an enormous thing down there, they were made fun of. They believed that a bigger pair of balls is what makes a man a man because the bigger balls you have, they believe you are more potent and will be more productive. That little thing hanging is merely a syringe used to inject the sperm to a woman’s womb.

When humanity gave birth to porn, things went differently. Just because a bigger one looks good on camera, people now have an impression that the bigger it is, the better. But is it really?

Romantic Relationships

When a guy invites a girl to dinner, she doesn’t ask or check if that thing right there is big (well for some yes) or not. First impressions are usually depending on what a girl looks for in a guy, and depends on how she wants the relationship to go. Most of the time, a girl would want a guy who will take care of her and will respect here opinions, someone she can call a companion, a best friend. After that is established and if she thinks this guy can be really trusted, then she may get intimate with the guy. When you feel that urge, that wonderful feeling of being one with your partner, whatever they have to offer does not matter at all. It doesn’t matter what the size is, what matters is that you are both enjoying that special moment together. That intimacy is what makes you both satisfied and happy, among many other things.

Physical Attraction Versus Relationship-Set

A bigger manhood mostly arouses chicks just because they can gain popularity, or because of peer pressure, or for self-satisfaction – like a trophy boyfriend. But is it really satisfying? Will doing this eventually answer this long time question of what truly defines a relationship? What separates physical attraction from a long term relationship goal is simple – not looking at the physical side of a person to meet your standards. Not everything tangible is what makes you or a relationship. It is most of the time what we do not see, and that would be the character of that person you are dating. Character goes a really long way, especially if you both compliment each other. Finding the person who understand you and who is willing to compromise takes time but is possible, and it does not always involve having a bigger physique down there.

So, Does Size Matter?

In a relationship, no it doesn’t. A great relationship is more than the intimacy you share in bed. It is you both working it out to grow stronger and more loving of each other. Cheesy? Just wait until you find your special one.