Penetration is Never the Determinant of Extreme Sexual Pleasures

Hot girl posing in bedWho doesn’t love sex? Probably not you. Nowadays, sex is a basic need to some people. Reaching full orgasm makes it all worthwhile. Nobody loves having sex and failing to reach its peak. We all thrive for that toe-curling intense filled pleasure.

Everyone has his or her preference when it comes to sex and there are a variety of ways we can be able to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. For example, deep penetration, sexual fantasies and even by use of oral methods. Let’s dive deeper and know about some mind-blowing oral sex techniques for women.

What is Oral Sex?

These words is not new to us and it simply means the act of having sexual intercourse using the tongue for stimulation without the penis and vagina being in contact.

Most, if not, all women prefer oral sex once a while. This guide will be able to give you three major points that will make a woman yearn for oral sex. The main reason in mind being extreme and intense orgasms.

G-Spot and Clitoris Stimulation

This one will definitely get you to your fullest peak and it promises multiple orgasms. The first thing to do, is to ensure you search the g-spot and hit the exact point perfectly. It is assumed to be on the vaginal upper wall and the best tool to use for stimulation is the fingers or the tongue.
G- spot responds well to a slow and deep but firm touch. The flat part of the tongue is best because it’s more smooth as compared to the tip. Always insist of the use if the flat side. The main difference when it comes to stimulation of the g-spot is the degree of pressure that is put on. The touch on clitoris is much gentler.
Slow Pace
This is another method that is a keeper. No woman likes to be abruptly rushed in to doing something. It doesn’t apply to real life issues only, but also to bedroom matters. During oral sex, some men tend to start licking immediately without even setting the right mood on. This is a complete turnoff. The best method is to start slow and pick up the pace slowly by slowly. Even in some cases, women will tell you how much pressure they prefer. Be it more harder, quicker or gentler.

Don’t Stick to the Same Position

The common position men use is when he kneels between your legs. You can agree to switch things up and let your man kneel at almost at a right-angled position to your body and the head lying perfectly on the woman’s thigh. This is one way of doing it and to add the extra intensity during oral sex.

Another position, is for the lady to climb on top of the man, while he’s lying flat on the bed. Your face should be facing the wall, for extra support to lean or hold on to. This techniques allows you to control the pressure by either pulling away or getting more close. You are able to control the degrees of intensity.

To conclude, oral sex is one way of spicing up your love life and it will definitely improve your bedroom skills. Not to forget, penetration is not the only method to use for an intense orgasm experience. Go right ahead and experiment one of these techniques.